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Hiroshi Watanabe
+81 - 774 - 38 - 3135 /
The information given is as of 31 March 2008
- Research Fellow, Institute of Sustainability Science
- Professor, Laboratory of Molecular Rheology,
  Division of Multidisciplinary Chemistry Institute for Chemical Research
Main Building C - 201, Uji Campus
Award: American Physical Society Fellow (2005)
Award: Research Award of the Society of Rheology, Japan (May 1994)
Germinal research of particle movement and material circulation dynamics
in brackish / fresh water regions targeting interdisciplinary fusion
[ Exploratory Research: Principle Researcher ] (FY2006 - FY2007)

Rheological properties have been investigated for soft - matters including polymers, emulsions, and suspensions. Specifically, the research interest is focused on molecular / structural origins of the entanglement of polymers, moderate thinning of emulsions, and strong thinning / thickening of suspensions. The topological interaction is essential for the polymer rheology, while the interfacial energy and phase rupture dominate the emulsion rheology. The suspension rheology is governed by the inter - particle potential and hydrodynamic interaction, thereby being intimately related with particle movement and hydrodynamic phenomena occurring in brackish / fresh water regions.

Rheology, the scientific field of investigating a relationship(s) between deformation / flow and force of various materials from phenomenological and molecular points of view, is intimately related to the molecular motion and the dynamics of material transportation. This research at ISS attempts to incorporate this viewpoint of rheology into the study of brackish / plain water regions thereby constructing a starting framework of sustainability science for the dynamics of particle transportation / material circulation in these regions.