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Shiro Suzuki
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The information given is as of 1 April 2008
- Assistant Professor, Institute of Sustainability Science
Main Building HW510, Uji Campus
Main Papers: Suzuki S, Li L, Sun Y, Chiang VL: Plant Physiology (2006) 142,1233.
Molecular breeding of fast - growing trees suitable for a sustainable society (FY2006 -)

Wood is the most abundant terrestrial biomass. The utilization of this huge biomass is inevitable for our sustainable future when we do not depend on fossil fuels. To develop further utilization of wood and sustainable forestry, it is important to elucidate the metabolic network of wood formation and establish the advanced biotechnology of trees. In this context, this research projects addresses: (1) molecular biology and biochemistry of wood formation in model plants, and (2) molecular breeding of fast - growing trees for sustainable society.

Basic studies towards molecular breeding of tropical fast growing trees
[ Exploratory Research: Toshiaki Umezawa, Principle Researcher ]@(FY2006 - FY2007)

It is becoming more and more important to establish a sustainable and recycling - based society dependant on renewable resources. Because wood biomass is the most abundant renewable resource, it is necessary to breed plantation trees that have characteristics meeting demands in the society by modern tree biotechnology. In this context, in the present research project we are working on establishing a basic research platform of molecular breeding of fast - growing trees.