Research: FY2012

Exploratory Research

  • Function of the Root System for Adapting to Severe Soil Conditions
    Takashi Aoyama, Professor
  • Physiological Role of Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in the Function of Membrane Proteins
    Jun Kawamoto, Assistant Professor
  • 133Cs NMR Study of Adsorption Behavior of Cesium on the Surfaces of Clay
    Yomei Tokuda, Associate Professor
  • The Cycle and Span of Energy Generator in Sustainability Science
    Ryuta Kasada, Associate Professor
  • Feasibility Study of Nano-scale Oxide Particles Dispersion Strengthened Steels as a Biomedical Material
    Akihiko Kimura, Professor
  • Study on the Lifetime of Organic Photovoltaics - Structural Analysis and Evaluation of Carrier Mobility in Bulk Heterojunction Polymer: Fullerene Thin-Films -
    Takashi Sagawa, Associate Professor
  • Continuous Efforts to Establish the Advanced Nuclear Safety
    Kazunori Morishita, Associate Professor
  • Life-span of Valuable Plant Resources and Paradigm Change by Innovative Biotechnology
    Shiro Suzuki, Assistant Professor
  • Case Method Study for the Investigation of Natural and Artificial Disaster Phenomena
    Jun-ichi Furumoto, Assistant Professor
  • Impact of Cyclone and Flood on the Human Activities in the South Asia
    - Effect to the Agriculture and Public Health -

    Taiichi Hayashi, Associate Professor
  • Study on Time Dependant Variation of Coastal Dune in South-East Asia
    Tetsuya Hiraishi, Professor
  • Research on Snow Melting Properties in a Mountainous Area during Extreme Weather Events
    Sumio Matsuura, Professor
  • Evaluation of Changes in water Quality and Discharge of Peatland Derived River
    Masayuki Ito, Assistant Professor
  • Study on Cycle and Span of Humanosphere from the Standpoints of View of Evolutional Medicine
    Kozo Matsubayashi, Professor
  • Study on Economic Incentives for Introduction of Energy Efficient Appliances and Renewable Investment to Build Low Carbon Society under the Constraints of Energy Supply
    Keiko Omori, Professor