Research: FY2014

Exploratory Research

  • Usage of Phosphor-Based White LEDs in Energy Efficient Production of Bioactive Compounds from Plants
    Tomohiko Tsuge, Associate Professor
  • Development of a Novel Fatty Acid Probe for the Elucidation of Physiological Function of Bioactive Fatty Acids
    Jun Kawamoto, Assistant Professor
  • Preparation of proton conductive organic-inorganic composite materials
    Yomei Tokuda, Associate Professor
  • The Effect of Life-Span and Scale-Factors on the Stability of the Ecosystem or Energy System
    Ryuta Kasada, Associate Professor
  • Assessment of ODS Steels as Bio-medical Materials
    Akihiko Kimura, Professor
  • Socioeconomic Evaluation of Sustainable Energy System with Marine Inverse Dam
    Satoshi Konishi, Professor
  • Sustainable Production and Utilization of Tropical Biomass Plants in Relation to Biodiversity
    Toshiaki Umezawa, Professor
  • Design of Structure-specific Enzymatic Reaction for the Lignocellulose Conversion
    Hiroshi Nishimura, Assistant Professor
  • Suggestion and Validation of an Innovative Approach to Measure Lifetime of Soil: Evaluating Sustainability of the Foundation of Hillslope-Surface Ecosystem
    Yuki Matsushi, Associate Professor
  • Life Span Characteristics of Physical Environment in and Around Braided Channels Focusing on Self-Similarity
    Hiroshi Takebayashi, Associate Professor
  • Development of a New Coastal Management System to Protect the Sustainability of Waterfront
    Tetsuya Hiraishi, Professor
  • Development of Healthcare Design for The Elderly in Bhutan
    Kozo Matsubayashi, Professor
  • Action research on knowledge from experience and its practical use about disaster prevention and mitigation for natural disaster in Bangladesh:Application of Sustainability Science to Area Studies
    Kazuo Ando, Associate Professor
  • Energy and Climate Policy and Connservation in East Asia under Energy Constraint
    Akihisa Mori, Associate Professor